Our Goal at Roto-Versal Compression Services is to provide the safest quality services and products to our customers at a competitive price.

Our Services

Gas compression systems are serious machines, and taking care of them is serious business. At Roto-Versal that means top-notch safety measures that go above and beyond government regulations. We ensure the protection of not only our customers, but also our employees, the public and the environment during the gas compression process.

Roto-Versal guarantees the best service by employing the best. We provide excellent and up-to-date training so we can send out the most knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced technicians in the natural gas industry.

Our technicians also come fully supplied not only in knowledge, but also in state of the art tools and vehicles. Employers can be certain that no matter what system or problem our technicians face, they are equipped to handle it.

Some of the services we offer include:
  • Parts and services specializing in high pressure lubrication for reciprocating compressors and integral engines
  • Major overhauls and retrofits in the field and shop
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting mechanical and electrical problems
  • Field overhauls
  • Service calls
  • Commissioning new compressor packages
  • Engineering
  • RCFA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Emissions testing

And much, much more. Contact us at 713-538-2800 or email sales@roto-versal.com for rates or questions regarding our service.